Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cotton Candy and our Festive Friend

Hello!  I'm finishing up a cute little quilt this week.  I've decided to call it my 'Cotton Candy' quilt.  It shouldn't be that hard to figure out why, and if you're having didn't eat enough cotton candy growing up! ; )

I used a soft, teal sheet that I found on clearance at Target for the backing.  I don't object to using sheets as backing for quilts (they are not quilts for show) because I think they are softer than some cotton backings.  I'm curious about how you feel about using sheets as backing?    

I also had a little 'festive' visitor while I was working.  I moved him once, went to work on something and he was back!!!  Anyone ever have insects that love quilts?  Maybe it's the bright colors?  Dogs and cats--I get, but spiders?  Like I said, festive.  

These next few weeks I'll be busy making some mug rugs, applique pillows, and working on a Christmas wall hanging.  Crossing my fingers things get done! 

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  1. Huh, I never thought about using sheets for backing - why not, I guess? Yours totally works! Stopping by from WIP Wednesday.