Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall--I'm ready and waiting!

It's starting to get cool in WI now, and little thoughts of Fall keep popping up in my days. Leaves falling, changing colors, Halloween Express stores invading your community like locust, you get the idea! I have the urge to begin crocheting again, drink apple cider by the gallon, and eat Hearshy Kisses filled with caramel.

Currently, I'm working on this traditional quilt I started before my vacation last week. Here's a sneak peak at the results so far.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Amish Country

For the rest of this week I'm visiting family in Philadelphia. Today's trip was to Lancaster County where there is a large Amish community. First stop was Goodville Fabric Outlet, the first fabric outlet I've been to.
It was...overwhelming and amazing and full of great deals. I found some nice soft fabric to back a few quilts--über cheap at 2.99 a yd. Also, I found more of some fabric I purchased at the Madison Quilt Expo. Not sure if I've talked about that yet, but there will be an entry with that near the end of September, when I finish the quilt kit I purchased there.

Besides the fabric outlet, we found an Amish quilt shop to visit. There, imagine a little 1940s house, stuffed with hundreds of hand made quilts, bed sized, pillows, pot holders, and wall hangings. They were amazing! All of the hand quilting, designs, and a lot of appliqué, it was real inspirational for my next 'big' quilt I'm planning for Christmas. Here's a look at the pamphlet from the shop.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Little Garden Special

It's been a while since I talked much about gardens here, especially since this blog started as a gardening blog.  In mid-August I visited one of Milwaukee's lakefront gems, the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum.  Besides having an amazing house to show a great collection of wrought iron designs, it also has an amazing garden that overlooks Lake Michigan and descends the hillside.  Here's a few pictures from my visit!