Thursday, September 20, 2012

Amish Country

For the rest of this week I'm visiting family in Philadelphia. Today's trip was to Lancaster County where there is a large Amish community. First stop was Goodville Fabric Outlet, the first fabric outlet I've been to.
It was...overwhelming and amazing and full of great deals. I found some nice soft fabric to back a few quilts--über cheap at 2.99 a yd. Also, I found more of some fabric I purchased at the Madison Quilt Expo. Not sure if I've talked about that yet, but there will be an entry with that near the end of September, when I finish the quilt kit I purchased there.

Besides the fabric outlet, we found an Amish quilt shop to visit. There, imagine a little 1940s house, stuffed with hundreds of hand made quilts, bed sized, pillows, pot holders, and wall hangings. They were amazing! All of the hand quilting, designs, and a lot of appliqué, it was real inspirational for my next 'big' quilt I'm planning for Christmas. Here's a look at the pamphlet from the shop.

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