Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good Luck and Happy Birthday all in one!

Here's the latest project, a small lap quilt made from scraps leftover from a coaster project.  The front is multicolored floral prints with some lace sewn in places and the back is flannel.  


This was a going away / birthday present for a friend.  She had originally picked out the fabric for a coaster project, which she was never able to finish.  So I used the left over's for a nice gift for her.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Winter Project...

Well, here's the newest project for the Winter.  I got this from a co-worker who was looking to clear out her garage before the snow hits.  : )   Super excited about it.  It needs a lot of work--most of the drawers need to be restored.  It doesn't have the machine anymore, but I am interested in trying to put my machine in it--which could be a colossal fail.  I've searched online for possible companies that made this--without the machine there is no label, that I've found yet.  I think it's a Wheeler & Wilson, probably made around the 1890's.  They were a major sewing machine maker in the United States before they were purchased by Singer.  If anyone has any helpful information about Wheeler & Wilson, please comment!