Sunday, October 13, 2013

Carrie Loves Designs

I'm sure you've noticed something new about my blog!  I found a lovely designer who had some amazing templates to use with Blogger.  Her name is Carrie at Carrie Loves Design Studio.  She was super helpful about options for designs and how to put things together.  If you use Blogger or Wordpress, I recommend you check out her page.  I've done a major overhaul of 'my brand' as you would call it.  Cozy Crafts is gone, but not forgotten.  In its place is Sweet & Sour Patch Quilts.  It's just a small change, but I think it will help to streamline my social network and quilty identity.  Hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the beginning of Fall! 
Random Squirrel near UWM

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  1. Your "new" blog is beautiful! Love the color palette and congrats on the new brand!