Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Spring Garden

This Spring's been cold and rainy compared to last year when we were in the 80's in April.  Of course this means not is happening so far.  We had our first year of 'harvest-able' Asparagus.  It was exciting and I'm looking forward to next Springs crop.

This year's garden will be a bit smaller.  Instead of starting seeds inside, they will either be directly sown or bought plants.  Hopefully a couple different types of Eggplant, Tomatos--cherry and sandwich, and lettuce.  Also a variety of herbs--oregano, basil, common chives and garlic chives, rosemary, and large leaf italian parsley.  Fingers crossed for a good turn out this year.

Unfortunately, our perennial gardens took a hit this year.  We lost 7 roses, a majority of them were Knock-Out's.  While sad, this is an opportunity to try new plants in those spaces.  We'll place a few more roses in there, but I'm not sure if we'll add all roses.  We've picked out one already, a nice sunshine yellow rose.  I'll post pictures when it has some nicer blooms open.  Hopefully this weekend will get nicer so I can plant some of our more tender vegetables and herbs.


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