Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Now that March is almost I can start to get excited for Spring/Summer!  Warmer weather means time in the garden.  Planning, planting and pruning.  Excited yet?  I am.  Admittedly I haven't started to plan what I want to plant yet this year.  I'll probably have to revisit some pictures from last year to see what worked and what I'd like to avoid this year.  It HAS been a long Winter, so looking at pictures of a warmer time will be a real hardship. ; ) 

Crafting I'll certainly be busy.  I've got some bunny toile fabric that I made into a quilt for myself, that I've been taking my time quilting.  I've also started another version of a baby quilt I sold last August, so that's also in the works.  Finally, my large project for the Spring is a King size bed quilt for my parents. We picked out the pattern last Fall, and finally got most of the fabric ordered.  I'll be looking for someone to machine quilt this monster for me, since we're hoping for a very pretty, floral design.  More updates to come, probably as it get's nicer.  Good weather = more posts.  

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