Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crazy, Crazy September!

I feel horrible that I haven't added much to the blog this month, but I've been ridiculously busy!  In the beginning of the month, I applied for another second job...and was accepted!  So I put in notice at Panera, where I've worked since 2009, when I graduated from Grad school and couldn't find a job, at the very start of the recession.  I've worked there for the last two years as weekend employee,  since I took a job as a receptionist at an Ophthalmologist office.  Well, on top of getting a new job, a part-time position at a local quilt shop (yes...I will TRY not to leave my paycheck there...), I also got a promotion at the office job.  So....essentially, two new jobs, all the excitement and stress that comes with that, and I get this WONDERFUL cold that's going around.  Essentially I was out of commission for a week.  

Now on top of this, I had to finish my Shot Cotton challenge quilt by the last week of this month, before I leave for vacation!  No stress....nope, none of that.  Essentially, I do have a project finished, however I can't share it because it's suppose to be anonymous and I hope a few guild members will look at this post.  So I'll be sharing about a lovely pattern I bought before all the crazy happened.
I saw it on a WIP post a few weeks ago and just fell in love!   It's called 'Aspen Glow'  by Cora's Quilts and the fabric collection used is 'Winter's Lane' by Kate & Birdie Paper Co. for Moda.  I'm hoping to start this one soon, especially if I'm giving it as a Christmas gift! Perhaps it's best to set a goal for St. Nick's, so she can display it for the season?

You can find the PDF pattern and a few kits at her Etsy shop, Cora's Quilts.  

I also worked on a blanket for my Aunt, who adopted the cutest little cocker spaniel puppy, named Marley.  He was born without eyes, so she wanted a nice, soft blanket for him to cuddle with.  My Uncle is a huge comic collector and when I saw this fleece in the remnants bin at Jo-Ann's, I knew this was the theme for little Marley.  Here's a picture of Marley and the blanket that I made for him.  

Marley at his vet appointment

 In his playpen with the superhero's blanket!

Fleece on one side and a mix of flannel and a woven fabric I had leftover.  The blanket was not filled with batting....because we ALL know puppies love chewing and ripping things to shreds!!!

I saw this at Target the other day and thought Quilty!!!!!  It's so pretty and colorful.  Imagine decorating a kitchen around this type of design.  A lovely, colorful mess!  I'll have another post probably next week, once I get my head back on straight and begin the next project...I have quite the list to work through!

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  1. Your Uncle says Thank You! Marley's blanket is awesome. I'm glad things are going so well for you professionally, as well.