Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

The holidays are finally over and we can all begin our New Years resolutions.  I have high hopes for my resolution this year --- Do with less.  It's a theme I hope to apply to all aspects of my daily life.  I began this just after Christmas, cleaning out old things in my room that I've stored but done nothing with in years.  Old clothes that don't fit or I know I'll never wear?  Gone.  Shoes I haven't worn in a few years?  Gone.   In an effort to spend less (at Joann's and Target)  I'm attempting to finish what I have.  That means as many craft projects made from fabric or materials I already have.   Crossing my fingers that I can stick to this for at least a few months!  

Here are the finished pictures of the last major project I finished.  It was a family tree quilt for my Uncle for Christmas.  All the names were hand stitched, with a swirl free-motion quilted pattern in the tree and on the border. It turned out pretty nice for my first applique quilt.  

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