Friday, October 19, 2012

A Study in Binding...

Here's the latest quilt and this one is all mine. I purchased the kit and pattern at the Madison Quilt expo in September. It was a labor of love, even before the binding. It involves a variety of materials, which were a challenge to cut and clean up after--think fuz, lots and lots of fuz. After assembling the top and basting it, 1/2 way thru quilting my machine died. It was a sad day, yet kinda joyous! I used an $80 Singer for 3 years and made 16 quilts with it!

A new Singer, the Confidence Quilter, and I was back in business. Now for the labor of love--the binding. The pattern has triangles edging the quilt. Oh joy, time to practice my mitered corners, 40 times. And let's not forget how to finish the (what I call 'arm pits') of the triangles. And to finish that labor of love, learn to hand bind it too. Previously I was a machine-binding only girl. After this, I still am, except for I think smaller quilts, since it really did look nice, just took me 2 days and a whole season of Supernatural on Netflix to finish.
Aside from these new challenges, it's a beautiful quilt, and a perfect addition to my Fall.

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