Friday, June 8, 2012

Back after a crazy Spring

It's been a few months since I posted anything on here, so I'll be slowly catching up with posts of things I've done and made since March.  In March I signed up for a night course in Chicago, Ill. (a 2 hour drive from my place).  It finished just before Memorial Day, so I wasn't doing a lot of crafting during that period.  I did some smaller projects which I'll be sharing on here today, along with some garden pictures from a few weeks ago.



I was on a keychain kick for a weeks or so, the three without keys on them are for sale at my Etsy page, CozyCrafts.

The start of my parents butterfly garden.
Here are some of the pictures from this years gardening.   Most of the annuals we planted were started from seed, however, a few of the tropical plants we had to purchase.  ; )

Crabapple Tree 

Clematis, lillies, and those pits have Asparagus starting.

Cute Spring perennial I've forgotten the name of

My veggie garden, Bibb and Romaine lettuce from seed, along with Spinach

Robins nest hiding in a Pine by our shed

My Mom planting our Dahlias we started from bare root! (Note: these pictures were taken the weekend of Memorial day)

Pansy's and Viola's from seed

More Pansy's and Viola's, along with a nice Fat Tire
May was great and some of these flowers are now blooming.  More to come soon!

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