Friday, August 19, 2011

New fabric and plans that backfire....

Last week I purchased some lovely fabric from JoAnn's.  All jewel tone colors and a couple, omg these are so cute fabrics.  The plan was some geometric quilted little bags.  Here's a picture of my first design.  Unfortunately, I didn't think this though enough, and joining the seams to make the bag will cut into the design.  There is that saying about hind sight or something...I think that applies.  Back to the drawing board.  Here's the colors I have to work with, besides white and black.

Also, here's something that I found at the Des Moines Art Center while I visited earlier this month.  It's been a source of mindless amusement lately.  Kids eco-friendly placemats you can color!!!  I loved the designs and when the gift shop attendant told me you could color on them I as sold!  They are essentially eco-friendly dry erase coloring mats. 

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