Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring and the conclusion of Mother's Day!

It's been a while since I've updated this, but things are starting to get interesting in the garden!  A few warm days and a few weeks of rain shown me what will be back this year and what I may have to replace.  What I've lost- possibly two of the five Astilbe's that were planted last year, my creeping phlox which never did well in its spot and...a good portion of the Bibb lettuce that I seeded didn't survive the gradual transfer outside.  Not to worry thou, groups of three Astilbe's will look just fine, there is no room for my phlox anymore and I have seeded more lettuce directly out in the garden.  Along with more Romaine, Baby Spinach--which I am having much better luck with this year, and Sugar Daddy Peas!    I also have a container of Basil for Pesto growing in the house yet that needs to be divided, but I'll get to that later.

Compas Plant, a new perennial last year
Large Allium Bulb

Bulbs hiding under the pines

Lungwart, pink/purple flowers.  1st to bloom in Spring!

Pretty Yellow!

The portion of this entry that relates to 'the conclusion of Mother's Day' is my gift to Mom.  I was unable to finish it on time without ignoring her for 36 hours straight and thought it would be better to spend the day with her. ; )  I just finished the quilt tonight and here's a picture of my Mom enjoying it!


Back-Notice the Pocket!

Mom and quilt!

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