Sunday, April 17, 2011

 With the good...
 ...comes the bad.  Yes, that's snow that fell yesterday for about 
a half hour, in April!

 Here's a small update on my garden.  Indoor stuff is growing well.  Almost ready to transplant some of my Zinnias to their own pots.  I'm also hoping to plant spinach into the garden outside by next week.  Snow peas will hopefully be seeded by then too.
Zinnias, in need of transplanting.
Marigolds getting their second leaves.

Yay!  Rosemary finally germinated.  

Romaine and Bibb Lettuce going strong, waiting to be planted outside!

And on another side note, here's another project that I've finished.  It's a lunch bag from YokoMono Studios, this is her Etsy shop page.  She contributed to a book 'Lunch Bags! 25 Handmade sacks and wraps to Sew Today' that's very cute.  With a handy 50% off coupon from JoAnn's, it's become my latest inspiration.

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